New Technology Trials Applications

The purpose of the AMEP technology development trials funding is to expedite the commerciality of new technologies, processes, and software to support provincial-wide methane reductions.  Funding of Trials Total funding will be dependent on the uptake for the program. If the program funding is over prescribed, allocations will be awarded based on the scoring rubricsContinue reading “New Technology Trials Applications”

Data Sharing Framework

The AMEP Delivery Agent engaged four stakeholder groups: Academia/ENGOs, Duty Holders, Regulators and Service/Technology Providers to inform the AMEP Data Sharing Framework. To maximize the value of the data developed by AMEP’s participants four elements were considered: accessibility, consistency/standardization, timeliness and transparency. To ensure AMEP participants have the time required to QA/QC, understand and respondContinue reading “Data Sharing Framework”

Alt-FEMP Applications

The Alt-FEMP delivery component is intended to: Eligibility Program Funding Eligible Alt-FEMP Cost Elements Program Duration Data Management Scoring Rubric  Alt-FEMP Readiness Level Formative stages Area defined with participants and facilities. Application not yet started Hold all required elements for AER Directive 60 Alt-FEMP proposal submission including equivalency modelling but not submitted to AER forContinue reading “Alt-FEMP Applications”