Alt-FEMP Applications

  1. Extension: Apply for funding to extend or renew an existing Pilot/Program for additional time or to include additional participants
  2. New: Apply for funding for a new Alt-FEMP

The Alt-FEMP delivery component is intended to:

  • Generate robust program-level equivalence assessments that compare alternative testing results to standard methods outlined in current regulatory requirements.
  • Improve understanding of fugitive and vented methane emission sources in Alberta.
  • Establish processes and documentation approaches to ensure consistent collection and evaluation of high-quality data.


  • Alt-FEMP funding is available to duty holders with facilities regulated under Directive 60
  • AMEP strongly encourages collaborative Alt-FEMPs whereby multiple duty holders participate in a single Alt-FEMP program. To facilitate collaborative Alt-FEMPs, AMEP will consider applications made on behalf of multiple duty holders by a third-party representative acting as an Alt-FEMP Program Manager.
    • Third parties will be required to provide qualifications for role of program manager.
  • Facilities that operate in Alberta, have a provincial or federal requirement for leak detection and repair (LDAR) but do not fall under Directive 60, and are licensed to an organization paying into the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund may be considered for inclusion in a collaborative Alt-FEMP.

Program Funding

  • Total program funding available for Alt-FEMP delivery is $10M.
  • AMEP will fund up to 100% of eligible Alt-FEMP costs for New or Extended Alt-FEMPs.
  • Alt-FEMP costs incurred from 2022 to 2024 will be eligible for up to 100% funding provided the activities conducted and data collected prior to AMEP funding approval meet AMEP program requirements.
  • Funding available for each Alt-FEMP application is currently not capped; however, total funding value will be determined on the basis of:
    • Initial uptake of the AMEP,
    • Application score including results of equivalency modelling,
    • Number of duty holders participating in the application,
    • Number and variety of facility types participating in the Alt-FEMP.

Eligible Alt-FEMP Cost Elements

  • AMEP will fund the majority of elements associated with the development of an Alt-FEMP Pilot or Program including the program management of collaborative programs. Alt-FEMP elements eligible for funding include:
    • Program Management including Alt-FEMP application development, AER submission and approval and data management. Program management fees are capped at the lower of 10% of total eligible Alt-FEMP costs or $50k.
    • Modelling to support the Alt-FEMP application and AER submission and subsequent modelling required by the AER under the Pilot or Program.
    • Screening as a defined in the Alt-FEMP work practice.
    • Surveys as defined in the Alt-FEMP work practice.
    • Collection and submission of repair data.
    • Payment of program funds will be milestone based.
    • Duty holders that have or are self-performing the Alt-FEMP elements noted above are encouraged to include the value of internal time writing/efforts in their application for AMEP funding consideration.
    • Costs associated with compliance-based reporting and data submissions (e.g., OneStop) are not eligible.

Program Duration

  • Final AMEP payments shall occur no later than December 31, 2024.

Data Management

Scoring Rubric

 Alt-FEMP Readiness LevelFormative stagesArea defined with participants and facilities. Application not yet startedHold all required elements for AER Directive 60 Alt-FEMP proposal submission including equivalency modelling but not submitted to AER for approvalAlt-FEMP approved and wanting to continue existing program or retroactive fundingAlt-FEMP approved and additional companies already signed on to participate5%
Note: Funding will not be issued until the Alt-FEMP is approved by AER
CollaborationDo not want to collaborate Yes to Collaboration but parties or area(s) not yet identifiedYes to collaboration interested parties identified but no group formedYes to collaboration, participants preparing to sign onOrganized group in place and all are willing to collaborate.  Group has containers and equipment list in place10%
Data SharingNot willing to share data but will provide elements of data to program Willing to provide summary data by program element (screening, survey, repair) embargoedWilling to share data with embargoes stricter than outlined by AMEP programWilling to share data with embargoes outlined by AMEP program Willing to share data with no embargo20%
Emission Reduction EquivalencyEmission reduction equal or 10% below baseline   Emission reduction equal to baseline or up to 9% below baselineEmission reduction modelled to be above baseline – performance not yet validatedEmission reduction above baseline programEmission reduction above baseline program and  committed budget dollars to a voluntary vent reduction program20%
Economic EquivalencyWithin +25% of baseline  Within +15% of baselineWithin +5% of baseline EquivalentBelow baseline10%
Technology VarianceSingle technology no change to methodSingle technology updated method Multiple technologies or updated methodExisting technology MDL lowered and limitations reducedNew Technology or method; combination of technologies providing research answers10%
Technology Rating (Screening)< TRL 7 TRL is 8TRL is 8 and field trials are neededTRL is 9 but still needs CRT testingTRL is 9 and full rounds of CRT are completed with results available.7%
Technology Rating (Survey)< TRL 7 TRL is 8TRL is 8 and field trials needed TRL is 9 but still needs CRT testing TRL is 9 and full rounds of CRT are completed with results available.3%
Technology Home BaseOutside of North America North America with no Canadian officeNorth America with office in CanadaCanadaAlberta with offices in the province5%
Alt-FEMP Startup>Q2 2023 Q2 2023Q1 2023Prior to December, 2022Prior to July, 20227%
Facility Frequency (3 x & 1 x)3 x per year onlyBoth 1x and 3x per year survey facilities included within Alt-FEMP area3%