New Technology Trials Applications

We are now accepting applications for New Technology Trials

The purpose of the AMEP technology development trials funding is to expedite the commerciality of new technologies, processes, and software to support provincial-wide methane reductions. 

Funding of Trials

  • Total funding will be dependent on the uptake for the program. If the program funding is over prescribed, allocations will be awarded based on the scoring rubrics included.
  • It is the intent to fund New Technology Trials for up to 100% of the cost.
    • Program elements eligible for funding include:
      • CRT
      • Site access
      • Project management
      • Staffing requirements
      • Software needs

As applicants move through their defined tests and towards commerciality and TRL 9, they can choose to be added to AMEP’s centralized data hub to be easily accessible for future users. 

The goal for the AMEP funding is to promote a higher level of rigorous testing to meet current regulations and be proactive to meet the direction of new upcoming regulations. Future regulations will likely be more stringent based on the recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) draft regulations and the Government of Alberta’s (GoA) forthcoming review. Alberta wishes to be a leader in developing technologies in the methane-reduction space. Developing new technologies through AMEP will support these goals.

Scoring Rubric

Previous CRT and field trial dataNot willing to share data but will provide elements of data to programWilling to share all processed data and resultsWilling to share all data (raw & processed) and performance metrics10%
Cost dataSummary data at a program levelDetailed data of all elements of the technology with a detailed testing budget5%
Company locationNo Canadian presenceSome operations in Canada, but no physical office or full-time Canadian employeesHeadquartered outside of Canada with a local officeCanadian office with some c-suite executives and decision makersHeadquartered in Canada with primary decision making10%
Operating envelope (seasonal effectiveness)Not definedProven to function in at least 2 seasons±30°C, year-round operation in Alberta climate15%
MDLNot defined>2.46 kg/hr<2.46 kg/hr10%
Quantification?Not possibleNeeds significant testing but concept is soundHas some promise and results comparable to QOGI15%
Use caseLimited facility types and sites with limited future growth potentialHigh growth potential with limited site subtypes or low growth potential with broad site subtypesBroad use case encompassing the majority of facility types and sites. High future growth potential10%
Ability to detect other VOCsNot possiblePossible but not exploredYes with limitations and/or modificationsYes with accompanying test data5%
Identification and localizationCan detect emission events with limited localization data and false positive rate above 50%Can detect >90% of emission events within MDL with accurate localization (based on technology resolution) with <10% false positives5%
Company in good standingNoYes10%

The Application link includes two options:

  1. Open and complete the application in the web browser
  2. Download the Survey123 app and submit the application through the app. In order to save and continue your submission over multiple sessions this is the preferred method.

Printing your submission will be available once you click “submit” at the end of the application.  An email will be sent to you after that with a printout of your responses.

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