Alberta Methane Emissions Program

Supporting innovation to reduce methane emissions

The Alberta Methane Emissions Program is a three-year $17.6 million initiative to support methane emissions reductions, funded by the Government of Alberta through the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund.

Three key components

Alt-FEMP Proposals

In January 2020, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) updated Directive 60 and the requirements for methane emissions management and reporting at upstream oil and gas operations. The AER’s Alt-FEMP Proposal Checklist provides information related to proposal submissions. Under the AMEP, the Delivery Agent will issue requests for expression of interest (EOIs) in the development and execution of Alt-FEMPs. The EOIs will provide valuable information…

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Data Management and Analytics

Through AMEP, the Delivery Agent is contributing to the development of a long-term data-hub that will: improve the understanding of methane emission sources in Alberta and the behaviour of fugitive emissions and their repairs over time, promote transparency in program results, and inform best practices to reduce methane emissions in Alberta. Where possible, the system will build upon existing data management systems.  An objective of the AMEP is to standardize data collection to allow for…

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New Technology Trials

AMEP supports the development and scale up of emerging methane emissions leak detection technologies and methods for use in methane emissions management including Alt-FEMPs. We encourage organizations with any Technology Readiness Level 7 or higher methane leak detection technology or method to submit an EOI. Submission of an EOI will be a key consideration for, but not a…

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