Data Management and Analytics

Through AMEP, the Delivery Agent is contributing to the development of a long-term data-hub that will:

  • improve the understanding of methane emission sources in Alberta and the behaviour of fugitive emissions and their repairs over time,
  • promote transparency in program results, and
  • inform best practices to reduce methane emissions in Alberta.

Where possible, the system will build upon existing data management systems. 

An objective of the AMEP is to standardize data collection to allow for the ready analysis of performance data and the operational and regulatory management actions they inform. Data entitlement approaches are being developed with key stakeholders to address data licensing and access.

Data funding will be made available for projects related to methane data management, analytics and/ or machine learning. Calls for data management and analysis proposals will occur over the duration of the AMEP. Applicants will be strongly encouraged to seek external funding. 

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